Appleblossom Kingdom

~~~Start weight: 86.1 kg~~~ ~~~~Goal weight: 59.9 kg~~~~

20. I can do 20 crunchs then it starts to hurt and I have to take a rest…I’m not sure if it’s oke that it hurts so much but I’m used to back pain anyways sooo…

I actually never thought I can do push ups in a row…well I’m nearly at my limit maybe I can hope for 10 in a row~

And I started the squat challenge again because it was so fun last time, I’m curious how much of a challenge it’s going to be this time since I already did it once.

I walked 6 km for a warm up did the crunch and push up challenge and

Flabby arm workout and slim leg workout

and the squats as a kind of cool down I guess…I mean 50 squats aren’t that hard for me anymore…I guess that’s a success, isn’t it?