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~~~Start weight: 86.1 kg~~~ ~~~~Goal weight: 59.9 kg~~~~


Coordination in these summer days~

It’s usually above 35 centigrade outside here in summer, tooooooooo hot to wear in a heavy way, so I prefer country lolita and school uniform style. :D Also wear J-fashion and light gothic(usually in a air-condition room).

1,Hat: from antique market / blouse,scarf&wrist cuffs: R-SERIES / corset: B.O.Z / skirt: B.P.N / bag: Jane marple / Stocking:Grimoire .

2,Hat: Innocent World / blouse&pants: E-hyphen / neck ribbon: taobao 

3,Bag:E-hyphen / all the rest: R-SERIES

4,Shoes: HARUTA / bag: from a shop in Japan / all the rest: taobao.

5,Hat,bolero&brooch: Innocent World / pants: Honeys / bag:BSSB / stocking:taobao 

6. OP&wrist cuffs: Innocent World / bag: Nice clap / brooch&parasol: R-SERIES / 

7,Hat&bolero: R-SERIES / bag:swimmer / OP:QQQ(I add a ribbon belt on it).

8,Hair pin,OP & wrist cuffs: R-SERIES / bag&shoes: Innocent World/ parasol:BSSB.

9,Hat:R-SERIES / bag: Vivian Westwood /  all the rest:local shop.

10. Hat,OP&wrist cuffs:Innocent World/ parasol:BSSB / bag&shoes:R-SERIES.

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うさぎIN LOLITA by rakeng on pixiv

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Kuma Kumya Muffler

fashion encyclopedia: Ashi Studio fall 2015 couture

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My bonnet collection

・Steampunk bonnet → Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
・Velveteen Green bonnet →
Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
・Gold Tassel bonnet →
Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
traw bonnet → Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
・Wine red bonnet → Triple fortune
urgundy and White bonnet → Mrs. Parker’s Millinery and Mercantile


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Today my great-grandmother turns 101!


Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)

oh god so pretty ;n;

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While we were in Tokyo, thesakuradoll gave me this lovely vintage dress, I love it so much! ;; v ;; ♥♥ Today I finally got the chance to try it out! ; u ;♥


Fashion Kawaii :: 10% discount code - doctorginger

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